Photo by Jennifer Strychasz, Washington, DC, 2012.


I am an art historian who studies 19th- and 20th-century art of the United States. Art history has expanded my understanding of the world including the idea that art has meaning and significance across time and space. As a discipline, art history has taught me the skill of deep sustained looking; it has provided me insight into how societies and people work; it has unveiled for me the centrality of creativity in making the world; and it has revealed to me the wondrous creative impulse of humans across the globe.

I am passionate about three-dimensional form: monuments, statues, and public art. Standing in public space, I like to sort out a monument's relation to the landscape and geography. Both artistic vision and the presence of history in monumental form interests me. Along with this, I'm fascinated with how ceremonies and political events imbue monuments in public spaces with meaning, and how that meaning shifts and mutates over time.